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Polk County DUI Process

After being arrested for a Polk County DUI, the first question a person typically has is “What happens now?” First, I recommend you contact us, your Polk County DUI lawyers, to discuss your case and the manner in which we will defend you on your charges. Second, you must understand that you only have 10 days to get some very important paperwork filed – so time is of the essence – CONTACT US NOW!

A Polk County DUI charge consists of 2 segments:

(1) the administrative suspension of your driver’s license (assuming you provided a breath or blood sample over a .08); and

(2) the criminal charge of DUI filed against you.

Both of these segments proceed independently – they arise out of the same factual scenario(your DUI arrest) but they take place in two different venues. We typically describe these sgements as “branches of a tree” – imagine the trunk of the tree as your DUI charge and stemming from the trunk is the ‘left hand branch’ (the administrative portion of the case), and the ‘right hand branch’ (the criminal portion of the case). Both ‘branches’ come out of the same trunk (the DUI charge), but the proceed independently of one another. Because they proceed independently of one another, they proceed in two seperate venues:

  • The administrative portion of the case takes place in a special division of the Department of Highway & Safety of Motor Vehicles called the Bureau of AdminstrativeReview.
  • The criminal portion of the case takes place in the Lakeland, Bartow of Winter Haven courthouse.


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