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Following a Polk County DUI arrest, most of our clients are concerned with three things: a possible DUI conviction, possible jail time, and the loss of their license. At Finebloom & Haenel, our skilled criminal defense attorneys are skilled in addressing all of these matters and can help you avoid criminal penalties as well as driver’s license suspension. We do this by providing the highest quality representation during all aspects of our clients’ criminal cases, as well as at their DMV hearings. We highly recommend that you consult an attorney at our firm as soon as possible to find out more about your case and what we can do to help you.

Driver’s License Suspension & DUI in Polk County

On a first time DUI conviction, you should not be without driving for more than 30 days (if you failed a breath test or blood test) or 90 days (for a breath or blood test refusal). Depending on the end result of your case, assuming you have successfully waited your required amount of hard time, you will be eligible to apply for a business purposes or hardship license. Addition information on the various administrative review offices can be found at www.FloridaBarOffices.com. Once you have entered the site, click on the county in which you reside, and you will see a local number to the closest administrative review office.

Interested in fighting your license suspension or obtaining a hardship license if yours has already been suspended? The Tampa office services residents of Polk County and they are located at 2814 East Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. They do accept appointments for individuals requesting a hardship license. We STRONGLY encourage you to call their office approximately a week before you become eligible to reinstate your license. They will review a series of questions, confirm you have completed the appropriate DUI school then clear you for a hardship license. There are two types of restricted licenses, employment and business purposes only. For more information, visit our license suspension site.

Contact a lawyer at our firm today to find out more about fighting your Polk County DUI and license suspension.

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