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Unlawful Police Stops In Polk County DUI Cases

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Unlawful Police Stops

Were you the victim of an unlawful police stop? Did this lead to a DUI arrest and criminal charges? At Finebloom & Haenel, our skilled DUI attorneys understand exactly how an unlawful police stop can lead to serious drunk driving charges. We also know how to prove this in court proceedings in order to positively impact our clients’ cases.

By definition an unlawful police stop would be one which was conducted when the officer did not have probable cause to suspect that a person was driving under the influence. Probable cause would be a sufficient reason, not just an officer’s suspicion. For example, the officer should have observed specific behavior that indicated drunk driving. Swerving, driving too slowly and violating a traffic law are all potential indicators that law enforcement may look for in determining whether to pull a driver over for suspected DUI. If you were obeying traffic laws and driving safely, but were simply pulled over because you were leaving a bar at closing time, this should not be a significant reason for an officer to pull you over.

Did an Unlawful Police Stop Lead to Your Polk County DUI Charges?

A criminal defense attorney can help you if you were arrested for DUI following an unlawful police stop. Our legal team serves all of Polk County and the surrounding areas in Florida, and we are happy to offer a free initial consultation to review your case. As experienced lawyers, we understand what to look for in a police stop that occurred without probable cause. We can cross-examine the officer and review police reports to prove that you were indeed unlawfully stopped in the first place.

To learn more about unlawful police stops and how an attorney at our firm can defend you against your Polk County DUI, contact our firm today for your free case evaluation.

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