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DUI Criminal Procedure

One you are released from the Polk County jail, your DUI case will be assigned to a court house, which is where we will challenge the criminal DUI charges filed against you. We will fiel all the necessary paperwork with the Clerk of Court and the State Attorney notifying them that we are representing yoo on your DUI charge. Because we are listed as the attorney of record on your Polk County DUI charge, your appearance is not required in Polk County Court. When we go to Court for you, we negotiate with the state attorney and discuss the problems they have in proving the case against you, knowing that any problems the Polk County State Attorney’s office has in their case is beneficial to us fighting your DUI charge.

There are two courthouses in Polk County, Florida that deal with DUI cases. The biggest courthouse is located in downtown Bartow. That courthouse houses all circuit and county Judges, other than the few housed in Winter Haven. Currently there are four Judges assigned to county court criminal division.

Overall there are 10 county Judges in Polk County. Those Judges transfer between civil and criminal about once every 12-24 months. The Judges are:

  • Kevin Abdoney, Timothy Coon (currently assigned to Winter Haven), Susan Barber Flood, Mary Green, Robert Griffin, Beth Harlan, Anne Kaylor, John Kirkland, Reinaldo Ojeda, and Robert Williams.

The state attorney in Polk County, or prosecutor, usually has at least two lawyers assigned to each division. The state attorney makes sentencing recommendations based upon the facts of the case. Those recommendations will be challenged to get you the best deal. If a plea deal cannot be resolved, or the prosecutor does not reduce the charge, then the case will ultimately be set for trial. In Florida, DUI is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 6 months in the Polk County jail, or possibly more depending on additional factors.


If you have been arrested for DUI in POLK COUNTY, Florida or any the following areas:

Bartow, Citrus Ridge, Crystal Lake, Davenport, Eaton Park, Fort Meade, Griffin, Haines City, Highland City, Highland Park, Holiday Manor, Indian Lake Estates, Kingsford, Lake Alfred, Lake Hamilton, Frostproof, Auberndale, Mulberry, Lynchburg, Pembroke, Polk City, Winter Haven, Waverly, etc.

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